MARDITECH, incorporated in 1992, is a wholly owned subsidiary of MARDI. The company aims to accelerate the uptake of research results as mandated by the government. MARDITECH‘s strategy is to facilitate technological innovations and to impart professional management experience (tacit knowledge) in order to develop successful agro-based businesses. MARDITECH serves this purpose by generating the vital link between the reservoir of scientific minds from MARDI and the industry.

MARDITECH identifies feasible concepts, ideas, and prototypes and help translate them towards commercial realities. Scientist benefit from MARDITECH in their quest to actualise their creations. As the company grows strength to strength, MARDITECH has now expand their activities to the commercialization of technologies from other research institutions and universities, and has been involved in both local and international collaboration. The agro-industry may now look at MARDITECH as a viable and exciting partner for further business opportunities and growth.


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